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Zaira “Alegria” Campos

Graduada/Instrutora, Capoeira Brasil


Zaira “Alegria” Campos has been playing Capoeira for 12 years. She has traveled to many places for her capoeira journey; Rio de Janeiro, Taubate and Sao Paulo where she visited Mestre Suassuna’s academy. Along with Thailand and West Coast US Cities for Capoeira Workshops and Retreats. Alegria is the co-founder of Capoeira Brasil Imperial Beach and an incredible Instructor of Capoeira. During the pandemic, Alegria volunteered her time– teaching capoeira via zoom. She was sharing her love and passion for capoeira when people needed it most. She has been teaching since 2020 and has been a great guide to her student’s capoeira journey. 


In addition to her experience in capoeira, Alegria is a skilled professional, working with people with special needs. Started as Respite Care and Learned RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) and RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) through experience in ABA companies. Alegria is also CPI trained since 2018. She has traveled to many places in support of families in need of her work. She is a skilled and passionate individual who loves to help others. In her own words:


“ Working with people with special needs is a constant learning opportunity as the individuals teach me something new everyday, whether it is patience, resilience, or a specific theme of interest. Working with special needs people allows me to be my authentic self, and I love how this helps their personality thrive and achieve their personal goals.”


Alegria has merged both her passion for capoeira and skill set in her professional life, to provide Capoeira Classes for people with special needs. Contact Alegria for more information about her services and offerings. 

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