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AXE PRA JOGAR (Energy for the Game)

Music plays the biggest role in capoeira. It is the AXE-- the energy that moves the games. It sets the tone for how the games are played--Angola rhythm are slower tempo, Regional are faster tempo and Benguela sits right in the middle of the two in terms of movement phase and music. 




The berimbau is a traditional Angolan musical bow that is commonly used in Brazil. It consists of a single-stringed bow attached to a gourd resonator and is played with a stick and a coin or stone to create different tones and rhythms.

The atabaque is a tall, wooden, Afro-Brazilian hand drum, similar to conga. The shell is made traditionally of Jacaranda wood from Brazil. The head is traditionally made from calfskin. A system of ropes are intertwined around the body, connecting a metal ring near the base to the head.

The pandeiro is a type of hand frame drum popular in Brazil. The pandeiro is used in a number of Brazilian music forms, such as samba, choro, coco, and capoeira music.

More instruments are used depending on the school and/or instructor. 

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